Instagram is a fascinating platform that has allowed me to publicly exhibit my work in a curated fashion for quite some time now. As wonderful as it is, I tend to overthink my posts, attempt at creating a continuous flow of original and fresh content, that are all seemingly cohesive in colour and tone and don’t even get me started on my captions!! A regular feature I’ll be posting on here are behind the scenes moments and memories from upcoming and past editorial work of mine. This way, I’ll get to share more about how it all comes together, and what it all looks like behind the scenes.

The first Behind the scenes (and campaign) I’m sharing is the last shoot I did for Designer and Deadset legend, Mr Brent Wilson [@Brentwilson25].

The concept for the A/W Campaign was infusing traditional menswear styles with a more modern, youthful sensibility. Sneakers and suits, sacrilege no? Haha. What played out was a rather contemporary take on a classic British aesthetic.




Brent Winter 1

Brent Winter 2

Brent Winter 3

Brent Winter 4

Brent Winter 5

Brent Winter 6

Brent Winter 7

Brent Winter 8

Brent Winter 9

Brent Winter 10


I’ll also include some behind the scenes imagery, just cause I can.

BTS Brent 1

BTS Brent 3

BTS Brent 4

BTS Brent 5

Video shot, and edited by Jordi Hill [@Astral_society]

Behind the Scenes Imagery by Tali Gordon [@Taligphotography]