I’m not sure how much cinema I’ve talked about on this blog, but if you follow my instagram story fairly religiously, you’ll know that most nights I run away to the cinema; world film festivals and commercial blockbusters, cult classics, I’ll go see it all. Ever since I was young, I’ve had an obsession with motion pictures, and one day I hope to smoothly transition into full-time directing work.

One such film that had a profound effect on me this year was Call me be your name, directed by Luca Guadagnino, based on the André Acimen novel of the same name. I saw the film at the Sydney Film Festival earlier in the year, and will be getting wider release in Australia on Boxing Day.

This film is ravishing; It consumes you in its beautiful score by Sufjan Stevens, tantalises you in its pastel, sexualised 80’s summer costumes, and illuminates you every wish to spend every summer on the Italian Riviera. Beyond the visual, this film’s narrative is graceful in its nuisance and pastiche. With its almost painterly direction, the story devastates as much as it warms you. Its one of those stand alone masterpieces that transcends sex and sexuality, and invites the audience to a world you want to live in, but happy to admire and observe. Both its lead’s performances are captivating, raw and honest. My word I hope Mr Timothée Chalamet is nominated for Leading male, because the boy can act and act brilliantly!!! When this movie comes out, go see it. I look forward to seeing it again and again and again.

In the meantime, I met with my good friend Stephen Madsen (@stephen_madsen) when he took a break from featuring in the current Summer Sensation Muriel’s Wedding the Musical, to shoot a piece inspired by Guadagnino’s film.

I just bought the book, and in 2 weeks am headed to travel across Europe for a few months, including a week spent in a Tuscan villa just south of Florence! Keep an eye out for another inspired image of Mitchell reading Call me by your name in the Tuscan fields, perfectly styled in pastel board shorts (in Winter mind you)! I shall relish in this experience.