Back on the road, and headed down the coast, Jordy and I found a little wonder by the waves. A short walk along the beach at Kiama Downs, and across some rockier terrain, you’ll find the ever-so-stunning, ‘Cathedral Rocks’. One for the bucket list, this beautiful, bountiful natural formation is framed almost perfectly by the coastal caves, and is certainly a sight to see.

As you continue down the coast, head to Bombo beach, and walk along the paved footpath on the left to the ‘Bombo Headland Quarry’. This place, a wonder I found nearly 10 years ago now, is worth the walk. Its as if an Icelandic palace washed-up on shore… The basalt rock walls, crashing waves and low-flying birds create more drama then a battle scene at the cliffs of Mordor.

Thank you Earth, for continue to prove your beauty is never-ending…

Video shot, and edited by Jordy Hill [@Astral_society]

Featuring my darling friend, and Aussie actress in New York Christina Paterno [@xtinapaterno]

Cave 1

Cave 2

Cave 3

Cave 4

Cave 5

Cave 6

Cave 7

Cave 8

Cave 9

Cave 10

Cave 11

Cave 12

Cave 13

Cave 14