I had the most esteemed pleasure of shooting a special series of portraits for my dear friend Hannah-may and her husband Martin last week. The pair got married last year, and wanted to signify their love with a series that captured their continual love story, with such regal and effervescent sentiment. Don’t they just make your smile 🙂

I’m constantly asked if I shoot weddings, etc. and in all honesty, I never have. Call it a fear, but I get such anxiety with the thought of capturing someone’s special day with the potential of missing the exact shots, in the right light, with the perfect emotions, Ahhh its all too much! Plus I think people see my work and expect me to capture their day in the same style and aesthetic.. but what they can’t seem to fathom is that a pre-produced, fully-styled, and conceptualised editorial isn’t under the same circumstances of capturing a wedding, and thus I can’t guarantee the work will look the exact same.

Perhaps in the future I might build up the courage and shoot a wedding*… but for the meantime I’m more then happy to shoot these beautiful, narrative portrait series that capture the true emotions between two special people.

*That is very small, simple, and beautiful (is that too much to ask?)