Hot off the press, the most recent campaign I had just finished when I took a little sabbatical from The Laughing Man, which at the time had only just dropped nationally last week, was the new ‘Join the Flock’ winter campaign for Australian tailoring clothier M. J. Bale.

In 2009 M.J. Bale founder Matt Jensen, had the idea to create a unique Australian menswear brand that revolved around quality; of product and experience. Most importantly, Jensen wanted to create a strong relationship between the supply chain of the Australian woolgrower, Italian weavers, Japanese tailors and the Global customer.

The ‘Join the Flock’ Campaign is a curated collection of 7 suits made from 15.9 micron (avg) Merino wool sourced from Kingston farm, the112-year-old family-run wool growing farm we photographed in, located in the Northern Midlands of Tasmania. Tucked away from the world amongst the original terrain of Tasmania, in the careful hands of the Cameron family for four generations, Kingston Farm operates its enterprise with hard-fought devotion, ethics, integrity and sustainability, much like that of M. J. Bale. Proceeds from each suit sale from this collection will be going towards the biodiversity and conservation of the land from which it came in Tasmania.

Days before my birthday, the team were sent over to Tasmania, where we found our way to Kingston Farm, a property rich in valued minerals, and soil composition, and is the wool farm that created the super fine merino wool that this collection is made from. This shoot was an absolute honour to be a part of, exploring the beautiful acreage surrounded by dense bushland, and voluminous hills with a wonderful creative team capturing the new collection amongst 1000s and 1000s of sheep.

Video shot, and edited by Rob McDonald [@bertmag]

Models Feature are Tom Bull [@Tombull], Dougie Joseph [@Dougiejoseph], & Steve Merrett [@stevenmerrett]