So I’ve been MIA on here for a few months, and for that I apologise. Call it a combination of travels, work, overwhelming family expectations and the flu. Needless to say the past few months have been non-stop chaos of creative endeavours, brief adventures around Australia, and then ten days of legitimate diagnosed bed-rest. I don’t do well with bed rest.. well when its forced.

Moving on, I wanted to get things back on track with THE LAUGHING MAN.. this is such a fun little extra platform for me to share my work, my travels, my inner thoughts, all of the above. So over the next couple of weeks please be prepared to be update with all things Jake; cause a lot has been taking place.

I digress.. Today’s Man-Candy Monday’s is dedicated to my talented friend and beautiful man Dan ‘The Naked Creative’ Brophy [@Danbrophy]. This beautiful, creative individual is someone who deserves recognition, not only for being incredibly delicious, but also backing that up with a grounded, passionate, and sincere soul.

Shooting him was one of the easiest experiences creatively. We spent the day discussing cinema, and art, capturing portraits, and creative collaborations. The man just exudes inspiration. Enjoy the stunning array of imagery below;