I’ve had a forced break from blogging on here… I blame a crazy influx of work-related-chaos. I’ve been on a few adventures including the centre of Australia (Will of course post up a blog about that!!)

To re-start things off, I wanted to post up a new Man-Candy Monday of a shoot I did last week with the deliciously intimate Matthew Adamo [@MatthewAdamo]. I met Matt around 2012, way back when I was a mere 22 year old baby. Simpler times. I digress..

Matt and I randomly re-connected on Instagram, and finally met up to shoot the man he has become, and ladies.. am I right? Hahaha. Matt is one of those truly sincere guys. His social media following is growing tremendously, but beyond the gorilla facade of instagram filters, the guy is a sweet, humble legend, who works as an aircraft engineer here in Sydney.

This next month is a hectic one, and I have a lot of work, my sister’s big jew wedding (I’ll do a post on all that post-wedding), and then I’m off to Europe for 3 months!!!

I’m going to try my absolute hardest to stay somewhat in touch on this literary diary, posting photos, tidbits, guided tours of the cities I visit, and all that jazz.

Till then, here’s the scrumptious Mr Adamo…