I’m a fanatic for things. I wouldn’t go as far as to describe myself as a hoarder, but I’m not too far off. Often you’ll find me at a garage sale, or flea market, scrounging for long lost antiques and tricky trinkets hiding in Estate sales. This compulsion, whether healthy or not, led me to the discovery of the treasure trove that is ‘Seasonal Concepts’ [@seasonalconcepts], hiding in Redfern, Sydney.

I had the esteemed privilege to bring Jordy in, and meet with the owner of Seasonal Concepts, Ken Wallis, to learn a bit more about this wondrous place, and shoot a little segment we’re calling ‘Hunt & Gather’ where we’re going to go treasure hunting for those hidden diamonds in the rough. Those secret, local emporiums that bring together bountiful beauty and endless supplies of inspiration.

Seasonal Concepts is for the curious and curiouser. Boasting the biggest collection of pre-1950s Australiana, this wondrous curation of goodies and giftware is the place for adventure. The store not only sources and sells antique furniture, collectables, decorative items and gifts, but upon entry, one will notice their intricately organised array of in-season, freshly cut florals, available for events, or just a perfectly put-together bouquet.

Its not just a store, but an experience….

Seasonal Concepts, seasonalconcepts.com.au
122 Redfern St, Redfern NSW 2016

Video shot, and edited by Jordi Hill [@Astral_society]

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