Whilst gallivanting in the ever-so-exciting Canberra (sense the tone), Jordy and I found ourselves indulging in the local cuisine. Or rather over-indulging in what can only be described as diabesity in a glass. The Freakshake is a craze introduced by Pâtissez Cafe, and has now seemingly “taken the world by storm”. I’ll admit to being apprehensive from the get-go. I’ve now experienced these mountainous shakes and in all honesty… For a cafe that prides itself on “having milkshakes that look as good as they taste”, these rather infamous confections were more fluff than flavour. I, more than most know the power of an instagrammable dessert… but this lacklustre dairy dilemma didn’t do it for me one little bit.

It’s simply not worth the extra exercise needed to burn off this calorie cultivating sweat treat.

Hashtag sorry not sorry and then some.

Freakshake 1

Freakshake 2

Freakshake 3