Alright.. so I’m no wallflower, but I loved the movie, and the title was a perfect segue for my discussion on the many humbling perks one is offered when they reach a certain total of instagram followers.

I’m fairly transparent when it comes to the notion of ‘The Influencer’. A rather unappealing label given to those with 10K+ followers on a social media platform, which incurs a series of “opportunities” for “collaborations” with brands that usually just means I’ll give you X for the price of posting about how much you love X, and recommend X to all your followers. This has since become a Global business phenomenon with people earning hundreds of thousands of dollars for posting about fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle… practically anything. The other day I was offered a couple hundred dollars to post about a hetero dating app. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE KWEEN! (I think that’s the first time I’ve ever typed kween).

Occasionally I’ll admit to taking up these opportunities. Maybe I like that leather-strapped watch, or needed a new coffee face scrub. Who are you to judge? I kid. In typical Jake form, the two offers I’ll most likely take up involve travel, and food. I’m only human.

So when the rather exclusive, and expensive, Hotel Hotel (Its so good, the named it twice) sent me an offer, I couldn’t help but jump at the chance to head on over to our nation’s capital, and spend a few days feeling pampered and special, eating delicious treats, and well, have a look at this gorgeous place…

Video shot, and edited by Jordi Hill [@Astral_society]

Hotel Hotel 1

Hotel Hotel 2

Hotel Hotel 3

Hotel Hotel 4

Hotel Hotel 5

Hotel Hotel 6

Hotel Hotel 7

Hotel Hotel 8

Hotel Hotel 9

Hotel Hotel 10

Hotel Hotel 11

Hotel Hotel 12

Hotel Hotel 13

Hotel Hotel 14

Hotel Hotel 15

Hotel Hotel 16

Hotel Hotel 17