Probably the best part of my job are the incredibly inspiring and talented creatives I get to work with everyday. Today is no exception. Let me officially introduce you to the stunning, aesthetically mirror-imaged wonders that are Kahlia [@kahliagreksa] and Karinna Greksa [@Karinnagreksa_]. You might remember them as those flouncy, flossy and fun-loving twin sisters from Baz Luhrman’s ‘Gatsby’, these young ladies are almost off to Hollywood to continue their journey to stardom, but during a little pitstop, I had the esteemed pleasure of shooting a whole series of fresh work for them.

I hope you enjoy this little adventure as much as we did…

Video shot, and edited by Jordi Hill [@Astral_society]

Twins 1

Twins 2

Twins 3

Twins 4

Twins 5

Twins 6

Twins 7

Twins 8

Twins 9

Twins 10

Twins 11

Twins 12

Twins 13

Twins 14

Twins 15

Twins 16

Twins 17

Makeup and Hair by Beau Barter-Qaranivalu [@Koalavalu26]

Dance BTS 0

Dance BTS 1

Dance BTS 2

Dance BTS 3

Dance BTS 4

Dance BTS 5

Dance BTS 6

Dance BTS 7

Dance BTS 8

Dance BTS 9


Behind the Scenes Imagery by Tali Gordon [@Taligphotography]