Throwing back to my shoot for ‘Shapes in the Sand Swimwear’ [@shapesinthesandswim], an eco conscious swimwear label based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. ‘Shapes in the Sand is the embodiment of a love for the natural world. By drawing inspiration from different environments and the diversity within them, we hope to remind you of how precious they are.’

Conceptually the work was inspired by sirens and the swell. Beautiful, ocean-swept models exploring the idyllic rock pools as if mermaids caught up by the waves. We shot the campaign at sunrise, in the winter, on a fairly overcast, brisk Saturday morning. Luckily our models knew how to bask in the faux-sunlight, making for a rather dreamy, fairytale shoot, utilising the natural light, and almost misty morning.

Shapes 1

Shapes 2

Shapes 3

Shapes 4

Shapes 5

Shapes 6

Shapes 7

Shapes 8

Shapes 9

Shapes 10

Shapes 11

Models; Dominique Faludi [@dominiquelissa] & Courtney Berry [@courtneyberry]