Every Thursday I’m going to throw it back to one of my editorial or adventure shoots and share more of the work you may not have seen before. I’m lucky enough to work on a wide range of jobs that allow me to continually explore and define my style and aesthetic. My instagram however would seemingly become a constant brigade of work, and probably just bore the lot of ya! So this way, I get to share, and explore full campaigns, and y’all can choose to admire, or admit boredom haha.

The first of these throw backs is my 2015 Spring + Summer Campaign shoot for Brent Wilson [@Brentwilson25]. Based out of Sydney, Brent Wilson is more then just a fashion brand, but an exclusive lifestyle found on the pages of leading Men’s fashion publications, and worn Globally by international celebrities, and menswear aficionados. With his aesthetic, Brent has moved away from this system of mass producing mens suiting, and rather uses his keen eye on designing and creating nuanced garments that exudes individuality amongst the traditional male uniform.

This campaign was shot in an outdoor sports-facility, giving this illusion of an outdoor studio, with the use of harsh, overexposed sunlight. Brent had asked me to create different spaces in postproduction based on the colours and print-work used in his collection. That way we’re transported into this tropical, sun-drenched space that can showcase his classic silhouettes and fresh use of colour for mens tailoring. Model is this always hilarious and life-loving Ethan Turnbull [@ethanturnbull].

Brent Summer 1

Brent Summer 2

Brent Summer 3

Brent Summer 4

Brent Summer 5

Brent Summer 6

Brent Summer 7

Brent Summer 8

Brent Summer 9