I’m not someone who is very politically driven on social media. Instagram, Facebook, etc. are a platform for me to socialise, express creativity, and be inspired. With the events plaguing all social channels by the Australian government, It would be rather senseless of me not to say something.

I AM someone who respects another’s religious freedom. Faith is an important ideology that comes from such a positive and affirming place. What I can’t accept is one’s religious beliefs being forced on another; It’s selfish, harmful and deeply upsetting.

The ‘issue’ of redefining the definition of marriage so that all Australians have the same equal rights is and has been a shitstorm of media chaos and vitriol. Already reading such denigrating and abusive rhetoric, the LGBTQI community across the country is having to be microscoped, pricked, and prodded from every direction in order to be deemed worthy of a commemoration that indeed predates the Christian faith that is arguing against them. Marriage is about legal right, not religion!

It comes down to this; does one not deserve the equal rights of another?

Religious belief does not infringe on other forms of legal rights; divorce, working on the sabbath, the ownership of women and their dowry, etc. so why is it that a group of Australians who pick and choose from their religious practice are able to then deny the equal human rights of another? Furthermore, why is the Australian government allowing the potentially deadly effects of going through such an ordeal? Equal rights should not be treated as a political tool to sway voters… this shouldn’t even need to be an argument. A political party should not be using their own outdated, conservative, religious ideologies to make law.

Honestly, it should be in the efforts of both parties to respect the Australian people, all Australian people, and let everyone live their own life; Religious, gay, or even a combination.

The entire situation is harmful to a community of people not strong enough or old enough to live through the hate that’s already propagated on our streets and screens. I fear what is going to happen to an already damaged and demeaned group of people who simply want to live life as themselves, not effecting anyone around them.

If only our leaders would stand up to those oppressive, conservative narcissists, and do the right thing.


Over the past few weeks I dealt with many public forum discussions on same-same marriage, a circumstance I never thought I’d have to involve myself with. Most recently I added my thoughts on a series of posts which were instigated by a Christian pastor, and father of children, who inferred not only should we all vote no on same-sex marriage for the benefit of the children, but that homosexuality, is much like his past suffering with depression. He felt for many years he would tell himself he has depression, over and over again, but it wasn’t until he was diagnosed with depression that he actually could then own up to having depression. He states that his belief is homosexuality is but a figment of fantasy, that we tell ourselves over and over that is what we are, but it is in fact not who we are, and that eventually we will move on from feeling that way about ourselves. I told him, in some parts of this country, and the world, people don’t believe in mental illness and psychology, that depression is simply an excuse. Do those people have the right to vote whether you’re allowed treatment or not? He did not answer me.

In the same conversation, a woman voiced her upset that his opinion was being met with disrespect and offensive name calling and that this should be a fair debate.. That we live in a country of freedom of speech. I said freedom is an ironic use of words. The freedom to take another’s rights for example? The issue is that it isn’t an equal debate because this isn’t about wether god exists or not, because it seems everyone around the world has a different interpretation and opinion of this, it’s about whether a group of people deserve to be treated equal in the eyes of the law. That’s it. Once marriage equality becomes real, that doesn’t remove Christian rights or beliefs, it doesn’t effect their marriages, or their children, it simply allows equal rights and respect across this ‘free’ country you speak of. Ironic the term free is used when arguing someone doesn’t deserve equal rights. She did not respond.

I’m someone who wholeheartedly respects the person beside me. Whoever that is. You; no matter colour, creed, race, religion, gender, sexuality, age, ethnicity, deserve the exact same rights as I do. If only that went both ways.

On September 10th, I did something I never thought I would do. I attended a rally. I’m someone who has courage in my convictions, however never felt the necessity to attend a gathering for political protest or public statement. This issue changed me.

I met with family, friends all dressed in pink and big smiles, and a couple more tens of thousands; ready to rally and march for the simple fact of allowing me, and the millions of others around this country, the same equal, legal right to love who they love.

We walked, we danced, we sung, we cheered, strangers and familiars walking side by side with beaming smiles all for this common belief of equality.

Thank you to everyone who walked that day. Thank you to everyone who has shown support to their friends, their family, their loved ones, themselves.

This “debate” isn’t over, and there’s still a long way to make sure this equality becomes a reality for so many Australians.

If that day was any indication of what the people of this country are capable of, the future is looking colourful.

Love is love. No belief, or religion should change that.