So I’m well into this blog now, been posting for a few weeks, sharing new and archival work, a little more about what I do, and how I do it. I’d love some more feedback… what people are liking, what should I change, what people what to learn, or see… Feel free to hit up me up in the comments section below 😉

For today’s post I’m throwing back to a couple of years now, this project in particular stands out. Shooting for Sydney-based textile company ‘Stash Textiles’ [@stashtextiles], we ventured off the beaten track, and got lost in some pretty remarkable landscapes. Inspired by the monumental works of John William Waterhouse, and the Pre Raphaelite art movement of the 19th Century, the campaign was to capture the natural beauty of the Australian landscape and the raw vulnerability that comes from nude portraiture.


Pre Raphaelite

A question I’m constantly asked about my work is where do I find inspiration? And to answer fairly simply would be a difficult one. Inspiration often comes without even consciously recognising its influence. You can examine a creative’s work, and often pick out elements of inspiration that they acknowledge, and then find references that the artist didn’t even pick up on themselves.

For me, I find inspiration everyone I go.. nature, and the beautiful Australian landscape is one such marvel that constantly I found inspiring all aspects of my work and life for that matter. Flowers, greenery, the ocean, the clouds, the sky, Moutains… this natural world around us is a majestic beast constantly outputting remarkable beauty from morning to morning. It only takes you a second to stop, and look, and you find something beautiful. I’m also inspired by film and world cinema from across the globe. I recently went to a considerable amount of French Films at the French Film Festival, where visually these works of pure art mesmerise the eye. Artistic movements in history that you find in galleries, museums, books, and the occasional pinterest/tumblr click hole haha. Music, and the sensory overload that can take place when just listening to a beautiful score, or well-written song. You can find such a collage of inspiration whenever you look through any of my work, and I’m proud to say that it often takes inspiration to form original work, and fresh ideas.

For the work you see below, I am most proud of its originality. A textile company having the confidence in me to capture a narrative unattempted before in the industry, and courageously creating art with their iconic Australian prints, and soft-silky fabrics.

Stexh Textiles 1

Stexh Textiles 3

Stexh Textiles 4

Stexh Textiles 5

Stexh Textiles 6

Stexh Textiles 7

Stexh Textiles 8

Stexh Textiles 9

Stexh Textiles 10

Stexh Textiles 11

Stexh Textiles 12

Stexh Textiles 13

Stexh Textiles 14

Stexh Textiles 15

Stexh Textiles 16

Stexh Textiles 17

Models featured Brooke Durrant [@brookedurrant] and Liam Hall [@Liamhall_]

JW 15

JW 16

JW 17

JW 19

JW 20


Behind the scenes imagery by Tali Gordon [@Taligphotography]